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KD-600A Automatic Pillow Packing Machine
KD-600A Automatic Pillow Packing Machine

Using range:

Automatic pillow packing machine is suitable for the solid object with regular form. Such as biscuit, bread, sweet, commodities and industrial parts and so on. The bulk cargos is put in a box and form a regular object, then to be packed.
Structure function:
1:Touching controller with person-machine interface, parameter enacted quickly, high speed and high efficiency
2:Adopting the tracing technology through photoelectricity, with digital input and sealing and cutting position nicely.
3:Diagnosing the troublesome and indicating to give an alarm
4:Constant-temperature adjusting, brainpower controlling and being suitable for all kinds of packaging materials.
5:Controlled by Double frequency conversion, the bag length can be cut with the enacting To finish by one step, saving time and saving film.

Model GZB-420 GZB-580
Width of film Max.420mm Max.580
Width of bag 40-160mm 80-270mm
Height of bag 80-250mm 150-560mm
Height for product 10-80mm 10-90mm
Diameter for roll film Max 32mm Max.300mm
Speed for packaging 20-150bag/min 20-80bag/min
Dimension(LxWxH) 4000x10600x1800mm 4100x1300x1300mm
Weight 900kg 900kg
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